How to Fish a Jig in Trees and Flooded Timber with Patrick Walters

Wed, June 8, 2022

Shallow trees and laydowns are some of the best forms of cover to target when bass fishing with a jig. With so much experience on Santee Cooper Lakes in South Carolina, Bassmaster Elite angler Patrick Walters is no stranger to fishing a jig around cypress trees and other forms of laydowns. With his Terminator Pro Series Jig and Zoom Big Salty Chunk trailer, Patrick picks apart cypress trees methodically to find out where the bass are positioned on any given day. With a jig's faster fall rate, swimming action, snag resistance, and drawing power, it can be fished much faster than a weightless wacky rig and skips tremendously beneath overhanging trees. One key factor is finding the depth zone at which the bass are sitting. As with anything in fishing, it is important to dial in the pattern and keep an open mind until you can find a consistent depth of trees to target, which is especially important in lakes that are littered with an abundance of trees and shallow timber for bass to call home.

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