How to Choose the Right Topwater Prop Bait

Wed, July 21, 2021

Topwater prop baits cause a lot of commotion on the water and are great for catching the attention of bass. Patrick recommends always thinking about size and color. If you can match your color and size to the lake and species you're fishing, you set yourself up to get more bites.

How to Choose the Right Topwater Prop Bait Size

Generally, Patrick likes to start the day off at a 130 sized prop. He believes that this is truly the maximum size you should ever go for a topwater prop bait. From there he will continue to work his way down until he finds a profile that works. Usually, he finds himself at about a 90 size and considers this the golden bait size that seems to usually get the most bites.

How to Choose the Right Topwater Prop Bait Color

Patrick keeps it simple with his topwater prop colors. He's a huge believer in three colors: bone, black and perch or brim. He goes with bone in situations with plenty of light like sunny days. He'll go with black when he's in lower light conditions like overcast days or when the sun isn'y high in the sky. If he knows that the fish he's targeting are feeding on lots of perch or brim, this is when he'll break out a perch or brim colored topwater prop.

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