How to Choose the Right Shaky Head

Thu, July 22, 2021

Biggest thing: Keep it simple. The majority of the time Patrick uses a ball head jig with a vertical line tie paired up with a natural color bait. There are definitely situations where he switches it up, but his choices don't change too much.

How to Choose the Right Size Worm for a Shaky Rig

Patrick likes to keep sizes simple. If it's later in the summer and he's fishing southern waters he'll bump up his worm size, but for the rest of the year his motto is the smaller the better. His go-to setup for a majority of the year is a ballhead jig shaky head with a zoom trick worm.

How to Choose the Right Color Worm for a Shaky Rig

Patrick keeps it simple here as well. In his experience, the best colors have always been natural colors for largemouth. Things like green pumpkin, black, etc. If your target is spotted bass, he's found that brighter colors such as chartreuse or bubblegum work the best for triggering bites.

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