How to Choose a Soft Jerkbait with Bob Downey

Thu, January 5, 2023

An effective way to imitate a variety of baitfish species, the soft jerkbait has been a reliable tool for bass anglers for decades. In this video Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, shares how to choose the right weightless soft plastic jerkbait. As far as brands go, Bob's preference lies with the Strike King Caffeine Shad, Zoom Super Fluke, or Reaction Innovations Shiver Glide. Each brand has its own unique attributes and colors, making them all valuable tools in your box when fishing a soft plastic jerkbait. Normally, Bob is using a 4/0 VMC EWG hook which has plenty of "bite" and allows easy rigging and optimal hooking percentages. When it comes to color, "match the hatch" is the name of the game, where green pumpkin or natural brown hues emulate bluegill and whiter or smokier colors are best to imitate shad. An exception is the "shock" color aspect, where bright chartreuse or pink patterns can be deadly for smallmouth during the warm summertime months.

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