How to Catch Fry-Guarders in the Spring with Bob Downey

Wed, July 6, 2022

During the immediate post-spawn, bass will stick around the shallows and protect their newly hatched offspring, called "Fry" in the fishing community. Bob Downey of the Bassmaster Elite Series is here to share his tips on how to catch fry-guarders during the spring. While there are several techniques that will work to catch fry-guarding bass, Bob's favorite technique is a wacky rig Senko with a #2 VMC Neko hook. If you're wanting to cover more water, a topwater frog or swim jig is a great option to cast around and run as much water as possible. Once you've located a ball of fry with a bass guarding it, simply cast just beyond the ball of fry and pull the wacky rig into the middle of the ball of fry, which will typically trigger a quick bite from the nearby bass.

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