Cage Feider Jig Walk Through

Wed, March 4, 2020

When anglers are looking for big bites, there are few things as effective as a jig. Jigs can come in many shapes and sizes, flipping jigs being the most widely used. What makes a flipping jig unique is the head shape, hook size, and weed guard. They need to have a slightly pointed head shape, allowing them to easily slip in and out of cover. If you are able to get into the cover, you are going to need a strong hook to pull fish out of it. Heavy gauge, shorter shanked hooks are preferred for their strength and hook up ability when flipping. Something most anglers don’t think about is the weed guard on their jigs. If the weed guard is too stiff, it can actually hinder the hook’s ability to penetrate the fishes mouth. On the opposite side, if your weed guard is too soft you will constantly be getting snagged and the jig will not be able to penetrate the cover effectively. All of these factors will combine into the perfect flippin jig!

The Outkast Tackle Cage Feider is a jig that has it all. The Cage Feider was designed by one of the best grass flippers in professional bass fishing, Seth Feider. Growing up near Minnesota's popular Lake Minnetonka, Seth learned how to flip and skip with the best competition in the midwest. To be the best, you have to use the best. For this, Seth created the Cage Feider. Made with the same tungsten head shape as the Stealth Feider (a grass specific flipping jig) the Cage Feider comes through cover and can skip with ease. There are a couple key differences though. The Cage Feider has a slightly stiffer weed guard than the Stealth Feider, making it much more versatile around hard cover such as docks and wood. Additionally, Seth incorporated a horizontal lie tie that aids in keeping the bait from getting wedged into cover. 

Next time you plan on throwing into thicker cover, give the Cage Feider a try!


Jig: OutKast Cage Feider

Rod: Daiwa BLX 7' 2" H 

Reel: Daiwa Tatula SV 7.3:1 


Hat: ON 'EM Hat 

Jacket: Simms Katafront Softshell Jacket 

Bibs: Simms Pro Dry Fishing Bibs 

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