Your Spawning Questions Answered with Patrick Walters

Thu, May 12, 2022

You asked, he answered! Here is a full recap of the questions asked by Bass Utopia fans to Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Patrick Walters, about fishing for bass during the spawn! This is one you'll not want to miss! Here is a list of all the questions Patrick answers about fishing for bass during the spawn:

1. When fishing a heavily pressured lake, where might people overlook for spawners?

2. Favorite bait when fishing for spawners you can't visually see?

3. Where are the best places to sight fish?

4. Favorite go-to bait during the spawn?

5. Natural colors or white, bright colors?

6. Why such short shorts?

7. How do you find spawners up north? Does it differ from down south?

8. What should I throw?

9. How long do you spend on a big bed fish in a tournament before giving up?

10. What's the best depth to find spawners?

11. Is fishing red baits in the spring related to pre-spawn, spawn, or just general rule?

12. Would you ever throw a drop shot for largemouth and how would you fish it?

13. What's your best approach to muddy, dirty, dingy water?

14. Boat positioning tips?