Where to Throw Squarebills in the Fall

Thu, November 21, 2019

When it comes to covering water, a squarebill is one of the best tools of the trade. Key areas to focus on are grass, wood, and docks. All of these structures are places where fish can position in the fall and are primed for feeding before winter comes. The uniqueness of a squarebill comes from the side-to-side “hunting” action that allows the bait to deflect from cover that is nearby. The bait will have some variation in the retrieve which causes it to deflect past cover where other treble hooked baits would snag. 

Patrick Walters breaks down the advantages of fishing docks with a buoyant squarebill crankbait and how covering lots of water between docks can lead to a few extra bites throughout the day. Patrick often focuses on moving baits in the fall, and a squarebill allows him to effectively fish around docks and other shallow cover. 

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