Top 3 Jig Trailers

Wed, July 21, 2021

There is an unlimited amount of jig trailers available in todays world. From soft plastics that were designed as chunks to craw and beaver style baits that can be trimmed down. Each one adds a slightly different action and can work better depending on the situation.

The baits that made our top three list excel in the applications they were designed for. Every claw/rib/tentacle has its place in each design, making each one unique. Here are our top three jig trailers and when they should be used!

Best Tough Bite Jig Trailer: Big Bite Chunk

A cold front could have moved through and the fish are lethargic or extra fishing pressure has put the bass in a funk, either way anglers often find themselves in tough conditions. When that happens, subtle action is key. The Big Bite Chunk is the perfect option to slowing your jig presentation down.

The large flat claws act like a parachute during the fall and cause the jig to have a subtle glide. Any action coming from the trailer will need to be created by the angler with hops and rips as it is being worked back to the boat.

Best Reaction Bite Jig Trailer: Strike King Rage Chunk

The main benefit to jig fishing is creating reaction bites and there is no better trailer to compliment that than the Strike King Rage Chunk. This trailer can be fished on many different types of jigs and will create action no matter how you work it.

The compact body size makes it perfect to the thread on a jig as is. Combine that with claws that have a lot of action with even the slightest of movements and you have a jig trailer that can attract bites from far away.

Best All Around Jig Trailer: Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw

The Berkley Chigger Craw has been a staple jig trailer across the country for years now. Its versatility is what makes this such a great option. It can be hard at times to figure out exactly what mood the fish are in so having one of these on can give you the confidence in any situation.

The slim body with tentacles gives the bait the perfect profile of being big enough but not overpowering. The do-nothing claws make a perfect combo for any jig when you want to be able to fish it slow or fast, subtle or aggressive.