Three Must Have Topwater Lures

Sat, November 9, 2019

Topwater bites can be some of the most exciting bites in fishing. They can be explosive and are often a great way to catch a big fish. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Chris Groh, shares how he approaches 3 different styles of topwater baits. 

The Berkley Choppo is a great choice for when an aggressive presentation is needed to get a reaction strike. The rotating tail section creates a unique disturbance on the surface that can call fish from far distances, allowing you to cover more water.

Unlike the Choppo, which is most effective with a straight retrieve back to the boat, the Cane Walker and the J-Walker are used as a slower and more methodical presentation. The J-Walker is made to be one of the quickest walking baits on the market, it’s side to side motion is fast and glides across the surface with ease. 

The J-Walker possesses a slightly more subtle walking motion than the Cane Walker, which spits water from its cupped face. This spitting is designed to imitate baitfish on the water's surface. The hard side-to-side movements of the bait causes lots of commotion to attract opportunistic feeders. 

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