The Shimano Stella FK with Shin Fukae

Wed, November 2, 2022

Giving anglers the absolute best performance, the new Shimano Stella FK sits atop the pinnacle of the US spinning reel market and is regarded as the premier spinning option for hardcore tournament anglers. With elite-caliber performance, the Shimano Stella FK is loaded down with the finest features and technologies that Shimano has to offer. Major League Fishing pro, Shin Fukae, is a master of finesse spinning tactics and today, this Shimano pro takes us over what sets the Stella FK miles apart from the competition. One of Shin's favorite features is the super slow oscillation of the Stella, in which the line is laid much tighter in a vertical fashion with each up-and-down oscillation of the spool. The result is a much smoother, longer casting spinning reel with reduced line twist and superior line management. While on the pricier side of things when it comes to a performance spinning reel, the Shimano Stella FK is the undisputed leader in premium technologies for anglers looking to use the best possible equipment on the water.