The Lew's Pro SP Reel

Tue, April 19, 2022

One of the most popular baitcasting reels from Lew's, the Team Lew's Pro SP Speed Spool was designed by professional anglers Andy Montgomery and Kevin Van Dam with help from Lew's to be the ideal low profile reel for skipping and pitching around targets and pieces of cover. The shallow spool of this reel is great for flipping, pitching, and skipping and is great to cut down on the potential for backlashing. The magnetic brake even has the "Skipping Zone", which is the ideal range of brake settings for skipping baits and even further reduces the likelihood of backlashes. When paired with the Lew's Signature Series Andy Montgomery skipping rod, anglers will have the ultimate package for skipping boat docks, overhanging trees, or any form of overhead cover. A perfect entry point reel for any bass angler looking to learn how to skip and pitch backlash-free or even for seasoned anglers looking for the perfect tool for those techniques, the Team Lew's Pro SP Speed Spool is your close-quarters ally for perfectly accurate casting.