The Gamakatsu G-Finesse Feathered MH Treble Hook with Jeremy Lawyer

Wed, October 12, 2022

Taking their best-selling G-Finesse MH Treble and adding lifelike appeal, Gamakatsu has released the brand new G-Finesse Feathered MH Treble Hook. Major League Fishing angler and Gamakatsu pro, Jeremy Lawyer, is here to give a rundown on the quality behind this tournament-grade hook. The Feathered Medium-Heavy (MH) Treble features the same nano-coated finish and stout wire as the original MH Treble with hand-tied tinseled feathers for added attraction. Finely tied and available in white or chartreuse, the G-Finesse Feathered MH Treble is the perfect addition to topwater baits, hard jerkbaits, jigging spoons, and more to give an enticing lifelike appearance.