River Fishing 101 with Bob Downey

Fri, October 7, 2022

For anglers new to fishing rivers, the presence of current and an overwhelming abundance of cover can be an early challenger. Luckily, Bassmaster Elite and river expert, Bob Downey, is here to break it down with a river bass fishing 101. With the moving water, it is key to find areas that give slight current blocks for fish to setup behind to ambush prey, such as rocks, trees, wing dams, and more. Targeting current seams and eddies where fish can position themselves just out of the main current can be a surefire way to get bites on the river. Furthermore, looking for baitfish in and around current seams and eddies can give you some of the best fish-holding water on any river system. Bob's favorite bait on a river system is an All-Terrain Swim Jig, which is easy to fish and can help load the boat anytime fishing on a river.

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