Rapala Tiny OG 4 Tackle Breakdown

Tue, August 24, 2021

The OG Tiny 4 is Rapala's newest flat-sided crankbait. This new addition to the OG lineup is slim, dives to 4 feet, and comes in a bunch of fish-catching colors handpicked by Ott DeFoe. If your looking for a more finesse presentation in your crankbaits, the Tiny 4 is for you

Rapala OG Tiny 04


Big Shad
Citrus Shad
Classic Craw
Coosa Special
Copper Green Shad
Dark Brown Crawdad
Green Gizzard Shad
Helsinki Shad
Mossy Chartreuse Crawdad
Red Crawdad
Rootbeer Crawdad


2 1/4"

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