Rapala BX Brat Breakdown

Tue, October 15, 2019

It is well known that crankbaits made of balsa wood are great when times get tough. When fish are pressured or a cold front is moving through, the silent wobble of balsa can trick the finickiest fish. The Rapala BX Brat is a balsa squarebill crankbait with a plastic coating, keeping this bait durable yet still maintaining that balsa wood action. The BX Brat shines when fished around rip rap, timber, submerged grass, and even docks.

Seth Feider reveals one of his favorite fall time weapons. Using the BX Brat to cover water and deflect off of cover that fish use in the fall. One key feature is the durability of this bait, hitting it on rocks, wood, or just slapping it on the water won’t break this bait due to the plastic coating. Short, accurate casts help Seth to quickly and efficiently cover water.

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