Pete's Secret Stash: Abu Garcia AL-F Casting Reel and Zenon Casting Rod

Thu, February 17, 2022

Pete's secret stash is back! Today, Pete is sharing his experience with using the all-new Abu Garcia AL-F Casting Reel and Zenon Casting Rod. The AL-F comes in the exact same frame shape as the flagship MGXtreme and MGX Casting reels from Abu Garcia but is constructed with an aluminum frame, giving it a sturdy feel and elimination of flex. Weighing in at just 5.7 ounces, the AL-F is fit for finesse applications with smaller baits, yet its aluminum frame gives it the power demanded by heavy braided line scenarios and power fishing techniques. Featuring both a two-pin centrifugal and magnetic braking system, you can dial in the AL-F for light line and small baits or tune it up for power fishing techniques, such as flipping grass or heavy cover. At a killer price point under $300, the AL-F is a dynamite casting reel that deserves a shot in any serious angler's arsenal. Pete's AL-F matches perfectly with the all-new Abu Garcia Zenon casting rod. A premier option from Abu Garcia, the Zenon ranks up there with the best from any manufacturer on the market. Here, Pete shows us the 6'9" Medium-Light Zenon, which sets up to be a perfect choice for jerkbait or topwater fishing techniques.