NEW Way to Fish the Tokyo Rig

Thu, January 23, 2020

The Tokyo Rig has been a welcomed addition to the flipping and pitching family for several main reasons. It not only goes through vegetation better than a traditional Texas Rigged bait but will also suspend the hook above ground sediment due to the hanging wire, allowing fish to locate it better in murkier situations. Now that anglers have had some time using it, the true versatility of the bait is starting to shine. 

Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Patrick Walters shares one of the more non-traditional ways he is using the Tokyo Rig in places where you would think to throw a wobble head or even a crankbait. 

Fishing a deep point in 20+ feet of water, Patrick will pick up the Tokyo Rig with a swimbait on the back of it. Versatility is key. Being able to switch out weights quickly means he can effectively fish a wide variety of depths throughout the day. He also has the ability to cover more ground at the desired depth due to the separation of the wire/weight from the bait. On slack line, the rig falls completely vertical when a traditional Texas Rigged bait will have a gliding effect. There is also less worry around hook ups when using bigger weights since the fish won’t have the weight in its mouth when you go to set the hook. 

The mounting benefits have us thinking of the next situation the rig will be a standout for! 


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