New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Rods

Fri, March 4, 2022

One of the best-selling families of rods from St. Croix is back in the all-new and improved Legend Tournament Bass Casting and Spinning rods! Poised to elevate the bass-fishing experience with improved balance, performance, and capability in any technique or presentation., the Legend Tournament Bass Rods are lighter, stronger, and better than ever before! Here, Polish Pete gives a full rundown on all the stylish new specs of the new and improved Legend Tournament Bass family of rods. These rods are technique specific and come with new features from St. Croix, including SCIV+ Carbon Fiber, a strategic lay-up of exclusive SCIV and SCVI, and select models SCIV + with iAct Glass, a carbon-fiber hybrid with internally active Linear S-Glass. Made in the U.S.A. and employing top-end proprietary features from St. Croix, the Legend Tournament Bass rods set the bar once again for tournament-grade performance on the water!