New Abu Garcia Zenon Casting Reels

Tue, April 5, 2022

Abu Garcia is proud to introduce the all-new Zenon series of low-profile casting reels. Similar to the Zenon spinning reel, which was released in 2021, the Zenon casting reels are extremely lightweight and capable of handling finesse-style techniques as well as all traditional baitcasting applications. Compact in-hand and light weight, all three models will throw lighter lures extremely well.

At the top-end there's the Zenon MG-LTX, weighing in at just 4.6 ounces it is one of the lightest casting reels available on the American market. A full magnesium frame provides a rigid body while remaining ultra lightweight and is matched with a full carbon matrix drag system. Abu Garcia's IBCV-4 braking system is tailormade for lighter baits, but will cover all your braking needs for any size bass lure. The MGX-LTX features ceramilite bearings for low startup inertia and has a 10% lighter spool making it ideal for lightweight applications and lighter line, while having all the components necessary to handle any bass angling technique.

The Zenon MGX retains the same features as the LTX, minus the lighter spool, yet steps up the strength with its magnesium frame and a dual-carbon matrix drag system for up to 15lbs of drag power and a 90mm carbon handle for increased torque and power in a light and compact reel.

Lastly, the Zenon X features a full aluminum frame with the same IBCV-4 braking system as the MG-LTX and MGX, which is versatile enough for any style of bait and excels for throwing lighter lures a further distance. A full 90mm handle with oversized knobs delivers torque and power in the compact frame size of the Zenon X.