Kayak Tackle Storage Tips with Joey Vanyo

Wed, August 10, 2022

Staying organized on the water is never more important than when space is limited while fishing from a kayak. Kayak tournament angler, Joey Vanyo, he here to share his preferred method for storing tackle while kayak fishing. On Joey's Hobie kayak, he utilizes the front storage hatch with dry storage bags for keeping baits and various tackle secure and dry. One feature of Hobie Kayaks that Joey likes is the below-seat storage where he utilizes Plano Tackle Rolls to maximize storage efficiency onboard. Lastly, the rear storage hatch contains a storage crate system for rod storage and additional tackle storage where he keeps multiple 3700-sized Plano Edge boxes at the ready. With these tips, you can help stay more organized and prepared to hit the water for your next kayak fishing outing.