Bass Jig Storage Ideas

Tue, November 27, 2018

By: Matthew Voigt, Bass Utopia Contributor

Time is money, how many times have we heard that.  When you are tournament fishing that is especially true when any single cast can mean catching a 5 pounder and winning the tournament.  Every extra cast that you can squeeze into the tournament period can be “the cast” so for me organization is the key to maximizing the amount of casts that you can get it during any given period of time. 

This blog will focus on jig storage.  If you fish for bass, chances are, you have a large quantity of jigs for different applications and various sizes and colors.  I have long struggled with how to organize jigs in a nice clean way to make them easily accessible by color, size and application.

I started by using a conventional tackle box with the square sections and filled each square with a jig, and many times several jigs.  As soon as I put the jig into each individual compartment about all I could tell about the jig was the color of the skirt and not much else.  Is that a swim jig, grass jig, or AT Jig, what size is it, what color is the head? You could never tell until you pulled out each jig individually. 

The solution for me was to simply switch the boxes that I was using.  I switched to a Plano 3707 large spinnerbait box. I use a separate box for each style of jig: swim jigs, grass jigs, AT Jig, and punch rigs.

The spinnerbait boxes allows you to organize your jigs so that you can easily see the size of jig, color, and type by simply looking at them without having to take all the jigs out of their individual compartments.  This new way to organize my jigs saves lots of time when changing jigs or tying on another after you lose one under a dock or get bit off by a pike. 

I hope that this tip will help you to become more organized and help you to catch more fish.