Humminbird Mega Live Walkthrough with Bob Downey

Thu, March 31, 2022

As technology advances into the forward-facing sonar era of both open water and ice fishing, Humminbird takes fish finding into the megahertz range for more detail and on-the-water domination with Mega Live. We caught up with Humminbird pro Bob Downey at the Bassmaster Classic Expo to get a demonstration of how Mega Live functions and how he utilizes this tool to catch more bass. With Mega Live, you can see fish move in real-time and watch your bait, and witness how the fish react to your bait. In addition to locating actual fish, Mega Live is great for identifying targets underwater, such as grass, brush piles, and rock that often hold fish and will make you more efficient on the water and break down productive fish-holding areas faster than before.