Humminbird: Mega Live vs. 360 w/ Bob Downey

Fri, April 15, 2022

As the world of fishing evolves with new developments in electronics year after year, it can be a challenge to understand how these tools work and how to maximize their effectiveness to help catch more fish every time on the water. Humminbird pro and Bassmaster Elite Series angler Bob Downey is here to break down the differences between Humminbird Mega 360 and Mega Live along with how and where he uses each tool the most. Mega 360 is painting a picture of the bottom of the lake in a 360-degree circle beneath your boat. Mega Live is showing a detailed image of the water column wherever the transducer is facing. When focusing on structure and cover that isn't as high off the bottom, Bob uses the Mega 360 to dial in the "perfect cast" to specific targets. When searching for actual fish in the water column, Mega Live will show you their location, behavior, and how they are reacting to your bait. Oftentimes, Mega Live is a more useful tool in deeper water or when fish are suspended and not relating as much to cover. When fish are cover-oriented or are tight to the bottom, it is often best to identify those fish holding pieces of cover with Mega 360 and make the ideal cast to present your bait. Where the magic happens is when you can utilize these tools in harmony. With Mega 360 you can instantly locate pieces of cover such as isolated boulders, brush piles, or clumps of vegetation, and then utilize Mega Live to visually see the fish on the pieces of cover and how they are reacting to your bait. While on their own individually, each tool is supremely effective at catching more fish, but when used together you can unlock the true capabilities of Humminbird Mega Imaging with both Mega 360 and Mega Live, breaking down water faster and catching more fish than before!