How to use Humminbird MEGA 360 with Bob Downey

Thu, August 4, 2022

Humminbird pro, Bob Downey, is here to show how to be more efficient on the water with Humminbird's MEGA Imaging technology. From using Humminbird's MEGA+ Side Imaging at the console to identify fish-holding cover and structure, to using MEGA Live and MEGA 360 to hone in on specific boulders and individual fish, making the perfect cast has never been easier. Here, Bob uses Side Imaging to locate smallmouth-holding boulders, then approaches and makes the cast-on-the-cast with Humminbird's MEGA 360. The ultimate tool for identifying fish-holding structures and cover underwater, MEGA 360 will help you be more efficient on the water by breaking down a bass' habitat faster than ever before.