How to Set Up a Carolina Rig

Wed, February 26, 2020

Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Seth Feider, demonstrates how to set up a Carolina Rig. The Carolina Rig is great for targeting deep, offshore bass that are not reacting to fast moving baits. By slowly dragging the Carolina Rig, the bait is allowed to float and the weight is not in the way of the bait. Here are the steps for rigging up a Carolina Rig. 

  1. Cut about 6 feet of fluorocarbon. This will be used as the leader.
  2. Tie a barrel swivel to the leader material with your desired knot.
  3. Thread a weight onto your mainline. Some anglers will opt to add a bead (tungsten, plastic, rubber) to create more noise and protect your knot from the heavy weight slamming against it on every cast.
  4. Tie the unused end of the barrel swivel to the mainline.
  5. Determine the desired leader length and trim accordingly. 
  6. Tie a hook to the end of the leader material. 
  7. Place bait on hook like you would a Texas Rig. 

Hook: VMC Worm Hook

Bait: Soft Baits

Line: Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon

Weight: Woo! Tungsten Flipping Weight

Alternative Weight: Woo! Tungsten Barrel Weight

Beads: Woo! Tungsten Flipping Beads

Swivel: VMC Rolling Swivel

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