How to Rig a Small Swimbait with Bob Downey

Fri, July 22, 2022

One of the most effective ways of covering water and looking for bites, the small swimbait has become a staple of bass fishermen nationwide. Today, we're in the boat with Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, to learn how to rig a small swimbait. For starters, Bob likes to use the VMC Hybrid Swimbait Head with its locking spring to hold small swimbaits, such as the Storm Largo Shad, into place. Before rigging, Bob recommends holding the jighead alongside the swimbait to give yourself an idea of where the hook point should exit the swimbait when rigging it onto the swimbait head. With the Hybrid Swimbait Head, you will want to twist the swimbait into the keeper spring in order to lock it into place. A key factor is to ensure that the swimbait is rigged perfectly straight, otherwise the swimbait will risk running sideways while it's swimming through the water.

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