How to Fish the A-Rig

Mon, February 3, 2020

The Alabama Rig (A-Rig) is a bait you don’t often see in a bass pros boat. The reason… most professional tours like B.A.S.S. and FLW have outlawed their use during competition days. That doesn’t mean touring pro Patrick Walters avoids them though. If bass are keying in on bait fish and he is out fun-fishing for the day, there is a good chance he has one tied on. 

The technique is simple, “I fish it the same way I would a spinnerbait”, Walters explains. Power fishing it shallow is his go-to method for throwing this effective bait. The key is to match the swimbaits in size and color to what is present in the body of water you are fishing.

Patrick also recommends having one of the swimbaits be different from the rest. Whether it’s a different size or color, the variation can help bass key in on a target better, increasing your hookup ratio. 


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