How to Fish High Water with Elite Series Angler Wes Logan

Tue, November 1, 2022

Bassmaster Elite, Wes Logan, is an expert at fishing the fast currents and often high water levels of the Coosa River in North-Central Alabama. In this video, Wes gives some great tips on high water level bass fishing. First, Wes looks for steeper banks that are not as dramatically impacted by the rising water level and gives fish less area to move when the water level rises. With the high water, bass generally have more cover to set up in to ambush prey, and on certain conditions, you can pattern fish on specific types of cover, such as green leafy trees, or clean hardwood structures that are now flooded. Once you can key in on the type of cover fish are using in high water scenarios, you can often replicate that across the entire body of water, allowing you to narrow down your search for bass under these often challenging conditions.