How to Fish a Tube with Bob Downey

Tue, January 3, 2023

A trusted style of soft plastic that has been catching bass for generations of anglers, the tube can be fished in many ways and has a great falling action on the way to the bottom. In this video, Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, shares his favorite ways to fish a soft plastic tube. When throwing a Stupid Tube with casting gear, Bob likes to fish it similar to a Texas rig around sand, rock, and current situations. On a short to medium cast, let the tube hit the bottom and slowly work it back to the boat to imitate a crayfish or small bluegill hopping along the bottom. A tube, in general, is best fished with your rod tip up and short drags or slight hops with its slow, drifting fall that has a natural way of triggering strikes. A simple bait that is a producer for bass anywhere they swim, the tube is a great way to catch fish, particularly smallmouth around sand, current, and rock.

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