How to Fish a Lipless Crankbait

Sun, September 26, 2021

Cade Laufenberg has two ways to fish a Lipless Crankbait, a straight retrieve and a yo-yo style retrieve. A simple chuck and wind is the easiest approach, as a tight wobble is oftentimes enough to get a strike. When they aren't going after that, try a yo-yo retrieve. The variation in speed and direction will help attract reaction strikes!

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Strike King Red Eyed Shad


Baby Carp
Bleeding Chrome Blue
Bleeding Gizzard Shad
Blue Craw
Brown Craw
Chili Craw
Chrome Black
Clear Ghost Sexy Shad
Delta Red
Fire Craw
Fire Tiger
Gold Black Back
Green Pumpkin Craw
Green Shad
Green Tomato
Neon Bluegill
Orange Belly Craw
Orange Craw
Phantom Perch
Sam Rayburn Red Craw
Sexy Shad


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$6.29 – 6.99Product Details

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