How to Fish a Glide Bait with Patrick Walters

Fri, May 6, 2022

One of the best tactics for not only catching but visually locating bass during the springtime, the glide bait is often mistaken as only being a long-distance, open water style of bait. Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Patrick Walters, finds glide baits to be an excellent tool for fishing around cover during the spawn in order to get large spawning fish to "show" themselves when setup on or near their spawning beds, if not actually catch the fish. With short, quarter-turns of the reel handle, glide baits will dart side to side and entice big fish into biting, especially when fished tight to cover such as laydowns, docks, and more. If a fish shows itself and doesn't commit, then you can turn around with a smaller bait like a Texas rig or wacky rig and be better able to target that bedding fish. When fished just below the surface, a glide bait has an immense amount of drawing power and spikes the curiosity of big bass. Add a slight amount of wind/chop to the water's surface to break up light penetration and you have one of the best big-bass search tools ever made in the glide bait.

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