How to Fish a Finesse Hair Jig with Bob Downey

Thu, September 8, 2022

A long-held secret amongst smallmouth anglers of the north, the hair jig is a great finesse tactic when smallmouth bass are feeding in shallow water. Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, is here to show how to fish these lightweight offerings that load the boat with heavyweight smallmouth bass. On calm, sunny days, a black marabou finesse hair jig can be one of the most effective tactics for cruising smallmouth. A longer rod will help gain maximum casting distance, which is crucial when hair jig fishing. A slow and steady retrieve after a long cast, similar to a small swimbait, is all you need when fishing shallow water smallmouth with a finesse hair jig. With smallmouth bass being such great sight-feeders, the finesse hair jig is one of the best ways to trigger bites in shallow water under calm and sunny conditions.

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