How to Choose the Right Fishing Rod

Fri, February 11, 2022

One of the most important questions in fishing: How to choose the right fishing rod? The first question you need to ask is what type of fish you are after and the size of the baits you intend to use. When it comes to lighter finesse applications, such as live bait for multi-species or lighter plastic presentations for bass, a spinning rod will be the right choice. If you're after larger species or intend to use heavier lines or baits, a casting rod is a great choice and a gateway to expand your fishing abilities. Once you've determined if you need a spinning or casting rod, the action of the rod is the next part to consider. For more accurate casting and faster hook sets, a fast or extra-fast action rod will give you more backbone and power if fish are around vegetation or other forms of cover. If you're using moving baits with treble hooks it is best to use a "slower" action rod, something in the moderate to moderate-fast range, which will aid you in hooking and landing fish. Lastly, the power of the rod is how physically strong the rod is, dictating the weight of the line and baits you can use. The lighter power your rod is, the lighter the lures you can use and the further you can cast them. However, a more powerful rod allows for catching larger fish and using larger lures. In general, if you're fishing baits with brush guards or that are texas rigged, a medium-heavy or heavy power, fast action casting rod is ideal. For moving baits or treble hooked lures use a medium or medium-heavy power with a moderate or moderate-fast action casting rod. Finally, anytime you're using light line, light baits, or finesse techniques, a spinning rod is your best option.