How to Choose a Popper with Bob Downey

Wed, August 17, 2022

A topwater popper is one of the most exciting and effective baits during certain times of the year. Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Bob Downey, is a big fan of throwing a topwater, and today he shares how to make the right choice when selecting a popper. The three things that Bob considers are the size, color, and action of a topwater popper, which will be based on the size of fish you're targeting and the forage base in your body of water. Larger poppers, such as the Arashi Cover Pop, create more commotion with a side-to-side walking action and a large, oversized mouth cup to push more water, making them a great option for targeting bigger fish or in the presence of larger baitfish. On the other hand, the Rapala Skitter Pop is a great subtle option that isn't as aggressive as the Arashi Cover Pop. The Skitter Pop has a more delicate popping action to imitate smaller baitfish and is often best thrown on a spinning rod due to its lightweight. There are also many others on the market that fall in between the subtle Skitter Pop and the aggressive Arashi Cover Pop, offering a great variety of action, color, and sound choices. As always with fishing, it is critical to experiment throughout the day and adapt with the conditions to identify the right topwater popper for the given day on the water.

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