How to Choose a Bobber

Fri, June 25, 2021

When fishing with bobbers it's important to ultimately consider both what hook you'll be using in pairing with your bobber. Brad takes you through all the steps to decide what you need.

How to Select the Right Hook

With hooks you have two choices. You can go with an Aberdeen hook and splitshots for the weight. This hook setup is common for crappie, sunfish and many other smaller panfish. The second option is to use a jig with a weight already made with a weight on it like a ballhead. This setup can shine fishing deeper water and will stand up the bobber due to the weight being close to the hook.

How to Select the Right Bobber

There's a couple types of bobbers that you can take advantage of. If you're fishing in shallower water, you can use a traditional spring bobber that makes it easy to set up and get on the water. The other option for deeper water is a slip bobber that makes it manageable to change the depth as you see fit. The slip bobber also has the advantage of allowing you to cast easily with the weight of the bobber being able to be moved down closer to the bait.