How Patrick Walters Uses Mega 360 and Forward Facing Sonar to Catch More Fish

Wed, May 25, 2022

Through multiple Elite Series victories and top finishes, Bassmaster pro, Patrick Walters has proven himself a guru with the modern technologies that have taken the bass fishing world by storm. With so much buzz in the fishing industry around forward-facing sonar and Mega 360, anglers have utilized these tools in both fishing competition and everyday angling to effectively catch more fish. Where Patrick Walters found his greatest success with forward-facing sonar is when he paired it with Humminbird's Mega 360 sonar. A key to forward-facing sonar is when you have "bait awareness", meaning you can visually see your bait moving through the water column and can witness how fish react to your bait. While forward-facing sonar provides "bait awareness", Humminbird's Mega 360 provides "situational awareness". This will show everything around your boat at all times, revealing submerged cover or changes in bottom composition that you can aim your forward-facing sonar towards and make a targeted cast to watch your bait and how fish are reacting to it.