How do Bass See Color?

Wed, April 8, 2020

This is the first part of a many part series where we are diving into the finer details of our tackle to pinpoint exactly what helps put more fish in the boat. 

This episode helps answer the question: How do bass see color?

Before we analyze individual baits we must understand how the eyes of a bass differ from that of a human. Scientific research suggests that bass are able to see a much broader range of wavelengths, giving them the ability to decipher tones that are invisible to the human eye. There is also data on how bass see contrast, making certain color combinations better than others. 

With the help of Mark Sanders and state of the art imaging equipment, we are able to analyze how different bait colors are perceived to bass across the spectrum. By doing this, we can observe areas on a bait that pop for bass but our human eyes can’t necessarily see at all, which further helps us as anglers decide which colors to throw and when. 

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