How Bass Set Up on Trees with Patrick Walters

Tue, May 10, 2022

When fishing laydowns, stumps, and other forms of timber in the water, it is important to not just roll up and start bombing casts, but rather to make a calculated approach to maximize your success. Bassmaster Elite angler Patrick Walters knows a thing or two about fishing trees by spending so much time on the target-rich environment of Santee Cooper lakes in South Carolina. With many types of trees in the water, each one has its own special fish-holding characteristics. On any given day, bass may favor specific trees and position on them in a way that you can pattern your bites and target specific trees where the bass are sitting, waiting to ambush a meal. During the spring and around the spawn, Patrick has great success targeting smaller trees, such as clusters of baby cypress trees that offer great cover in a shallow spawning area. However, it is important to experiment on the water and find out what types of trees the bass are positioned on - it is almost never always the same, so be sure to keep an open mind and let the bites clue you in to the pattern each day!