Find Deep Basin Crappie Faster

Tue, March 3, 2020

Hall of Fame angler, Steve Pennaz, was all too familiar with spending valuable time trying to locate fish with traditional 2D sonar. Drilling hole after hole to check for schools of fish underneath him was the most efficient way to cover ice… Not any more!

The same map study is needed, finding large deep holes with steep drop offs are a great place to start for large schools of crappie. They will congregate in those types of areas throughout the winter months. 

The difference is in today's sonar technology with Garmin Panoptix and LiveScope. These revolutionary technologies allow you to pan in any direction up to 100 ft or more and get a live view at what is going on under the water. This greatly reduces the amount of holes needed to find fish which saves you time and is less of a disturbance on the fish you are trying to target. 

Panoptix and LiveScope not only allow you to find fish faster, but also show you the mood of the fish. You can watch how the crappie interact with your bait, which is an important step in building patterns fast. 

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