Damiki Rig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Bob Downey

Mon, December 5, 2022

With the rise in popularity of forward-facing sonar, the Damiki Rig has become one of the most effective ways to target suspended bass that are chasing baitfish. A simple rig, the Damiki Rig is a 90-degree line tie swimbait jighead paired with a straight tail fluke-style soft plastic that imitates shad, shiners, and a variety of baitfish forage species. Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, is here to review his preferred rod, reel, and line setup for fishing a Damiki Rig. Bob's rod of choice for Damiki Rigs is a 7'0" Medium/Fast St. Croix Legend Elite spinning rod paired with a 3000-size Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel. For line, Bob uses 10lb Sufix 832 Braid to 14-foot long 8-10lb fluorocarbon leader.

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