College vs. Co-Angler Path to Pro Fishing

Fri, February 21, 2020

Bassmaster Opens Pro, Chad Smith, discusses some of the paths anglers can explore if they want to take their career to a professional level and why he chose the path that he did. Chad sees two great avenues in building your skill level to eventually becoming a pro. That being college fishing or traveling around as a co-angler in the Bassmaster Opens or FLW Costas.

Chad chose to go the co-angler route for the simple fact that he got to fish with all types of people including local hammers to top touring pros who would often share knowledge with him on the water. He believes seeing first hand how anglers approach a tournament shortened his learning curve to get out there and compete in his own boat. 

He also recognizes that college fishing has made great strides in preparing anglers for top level tournaments while still allowing you to get a higher education. Traveling across the country to compete for your school improves the depth of knowledge when tasked with finding your own fish. It’s also a great way to build relationships with other anglers and companies who are all getting involved in the college fishing movement.

The truth is that they both offer great platforms, but nothing beats time on the water!

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