Cast to Catch Bed Fishing with Patrick Walters

Fri, June 24, 2022

Hop in the boat with Bassmaster pro, Patrick Walters, as he goes cast to catch fishing for bedding bass in South Carolina's Lowcountry. In this video, Patrick details how to gauge a fish's level of interest when set up on a bed. As a general rule, the tighter circles the bass swims around the bed and its willingness to always return to the bed after a short period of time indicates that the fish is much easier to catch. As the fish gets more excited and its fins begin to flare out more, that's a good sign that it's close to getting ready to bite. When bass are defending their nests, they aren't always trying to feed and will often try to simply move your bait out of the bed area. Patrick Walters prefers to stick to natural colors when bed fishing for largemouth bass.