Bobber Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

Wed, June 30, 2021

Bobber fishing is one of the simplest forms of fishing. This makes it great for beginners learning to fish or pros looking to slow things down a bit. Brad will take you through all the equipment you'll need to be successful during a day of bobber fishing.


The rod you want is going to be very light so there's a nice bend in the rod. Adjust to a slightly heavier rod according to what you'll be fishing.


The reel is the most important part of this setup. Brad likes to stick to a 1000 size reel, but will bump up to a 2500 size reel if he's going for bass or walleye.


Your line needs to match the setup to be effective so the lighter the better. Brad likes to generally use 8Lb braid to a 6Lb fluorocarbon leader, but will generally bump that up slightly for bass and walleye.

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