Bob Downey's Humminbird Graph Setup and Shortcut Keys

Mon, July 11, 2022

Humminbird has been at the forefront of some of the most innovative sonar technologies in fishing, from their megahertz (MEGA+) side imaging to MEGA 360 and now, MEGA Live. Bassmaster Elite Series angler and Humminbird Pro, Bob Downey, is here to share with us how he sets up his Humminbird Helix units for the highest level of tournament angling. For the unit on Bob's right-hand side, his first shortcut shows side imaging, 2D sonar (via an external transducer), and down imaging. This allows you to dedicate one whole unit to searching the water column for fish and fish-holding structures or cover. Bob's second shortcut is a side imaging panel combined with down imaging, and his third shortcut is a full GPS map which he uses for editing and deleting waypoints. The second unit on the left is primarily for GPS mapping (with the Humminbird Lakemaster Chip), which occupies the full screen on his first shortcut key. The second shortcut key on his left Humminbird Helix is again GPS mapping with a sliver of 2D sonar via his through-hull transducer which reads the bottom better at higher speeds than his external sonar. A final tip from Bob is to use the temperature gauge of the second Helix unit to measure the temperate in his livewell. For summertime tournaments, it is helpful to ensure the water temp in the livewell is lower than the regular surface temperature to maintain the health of your fish.