Gamakatsu Power Drop Hooks with Jeremy Lawyer

Tue, October 11, 2022

Introducing new for 2023 from Gamakatsu, the Power Drop Hook Series. In this video, Major League Fishing angler and Gamakatsu pro, Jeremy Lawyer, gives a breakdown of the brand new Gamakatsu Power Drop. The Power Drop style of fishing is a technique that has come over to the United States from Japan in recent years and shows the bass something they haven't seen before. Available in a Superline EWG, Superline Round Bend, and the classic Hybrid Worm Hook, there is a hook style to fit any soft plastic bass fishing need. The long wire arm is connected to the hook via a high-quality swivel and allows anglers to choose their own weight size to match the conditions. With the hook suspended above the weight by the Power Drop wire, you'll have more action as the bait dances and sways just off the bottom. When fishing around vegetation or softer, muckier bottom compositions, Jeremey prefers to leave the dropper wire longer to suspend the bait off the bottom better. When fishing around rock, sand, or other clean bottom areas, try shortening the length of the wire for a different action and appearance to trigger strikes. With so many options in hook styles and sizes, the new Gamakatsu Power Drop Series allows anglers to customize this exciting new tactic that is taking the bass fishing world by storm.

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